Autumn’s End


Still coping from the loss of their parents, Malcolm and Isabel Rademacher (Raymond Creamer and Callie Ott) head to their family's lake house for a weekend with friends. What starts out as an enjoyable trip is cut short when the siblings emotionally disconnect from the others.  

After they are abandoned by their friends, Malcolm and Isabel's isolation is exploited by two masked assailants who invade their home. With the assistance of her therapist (Schell M. Perterson), Isabel attempts to put her life back together.

However, through her recovery process, she becomes aware of the darkness that her brother carries inside him as he becomes obsessed with tracking down their assailants.

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Raymond Creamer
Callie Ott
Schell M. Peterson
Chris Oliver
Lexi Moeller
Directed by:
Jerry J. White III
Written by:
Jerry J. White III
Raymond Creamer
Sarah Carman
Executive Producer:
Kyle Mattocks
VOD Release Date: 
October 2017
Global Digital Releasing